Robin Newell

Robin enjoyed the luxury of sitting backwards on various motorcycles for a goodly proportion of a year. Some tours saw him teamed up with Mike, some with Denise, and sometimes with both of them. He was thrown off a mountain in Nepal, eyeballed by a rogue yak in Bhutan, sand-blasted by operation desert storm in Morocco and handed a smoking stick of gelignite in Bolivia. All in a day's work really.

Mike Ferris

Mike discovered motorcycling in the heart of the Himalaya at the tender age of 37, when a fellow tourist in Kathmandu took advantage of his altered karma one Friday night and sold him a 500cc Royal Enfield. He never went back to his day job in computing, setting up Ferris Wheels (forerunner to World On Wheels) instead in 1995 taking unsuspecting clients, on Enfields, across the highest roads on the planet and then branching gradually into other exotic destinations around the globe.

Denise Ferris

Denise also discovered motorcycling at the tender age of 37, (although this was a few years after Mike's 37) on the back of a black Ducati in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. She never went back to her day job, choosing instead to launch a new career as a professional motorcyclist by joining Mike, both in life and in business. Her parents still think it's a phase she's going through.