1 Himalayan Heights

The first episode takes us across the Himalaya on the highest road in the world, deep in the remote Indian region of Kashmir. Riding through desolate, arid landscapes and battling raging torrents swollen by glacial melt, this group of riders encounters the amazing diversity of India, experiencing Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Buddhist cultures.

2 Awesome Andes

This journey takes us from Peru into northern Chile, then across the barren wastelands of the altiplano in Bolivia. We cross the world's largest saltpan, visit desperate miners in the world's highest city, and pay tribute to the legendary Inca stronghold of Machu Picchu. We tackle several 4000+ metre mountain passes as we traverse the mighty Andes in both directions.

3 Dalmatian Delights

Our third episode takes us to no fewer than five countries in one tour. Starting in the pristine green environment of Slovenia we pick up our fleet of motorbikes to visit the war-ravaged Bosnian capital of Sarajevo, the wild remote regions of Montenegro, the sublime coastline of Croatia and the mountainous Dolomites of northern Italy.

4 Shining Shangri-La

If Shangri-La exists on this earth then surely it must be in the undisturbed wilderness of Bhutan. There's not a single set of traffic lights in the entire country! We travel the entire length of this unspoiled Himalayan kingdom, as well as traversing Nepal and the Darjeeling district of northern India.

5 Turkish Treasures

Starting in the one-time capital of the known world, Istanbul, we complete a loop of the oldest civilisation on the planet. The land of the Tigris and Euphrates, of Mesopotamia. 4,000 year old Ephesus and even older Hittite settlements in central Anatolia. Underground cities, Crusader castles, hot-air ballooning and much more!

6 Moroccan Magic

Mystical Marrakech, the Sahara desert, the Atlantic coast, the Atlas mountains. Kasbahs, medinas, souks, minstrels in blue robes, date palms, and goats in the argan trees. Our fleet of BMW performance bikes transports us across time and space in one of the oldest lands on Earth.

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